Libraries and archives

Get to know the unique concentration of libraries and archives in the heart of Ghent's student district: Blandijnberg, located halfway between the historical centre and the Arts district. It all started at the top of that sandy hill, in the medieval scriptorium of St. Peter's Abbey. Imagine the development this unique district went through! An evolution from a medieval religious knowledge and culture centre to a contemporary concentration of information, literature and knowledge. Such history! With the founding of Ghent University in the early 19th century, new, different libraries were added, which are housed in sometimes iconic buildings, such as the Boekentoren and the Krook. This district also contains large archives, in particular the State Archives and archives of social movements. Past and present are stored in all these buildings, in the form of books and manuscripts of inestimable value. In addition, the majority of them are architecturally interesting buildings that are a mirror of their time.

St Pietersplein

Book Tower

De Krook

St Pietersplein

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