Exploring Ghent with WALKINGENT

Exploring Ghent with WALKINGENT

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The medieval center between Lys and Scheldt offers an array of historical highlights and fascinating stories. We start at St. Bavo Square in the shadow of the belfry and cathedral. Passing centuries-old patrician houses, we walk to Ghent City Hall. Via the Castle of the Counts and the Groot Vleeshuis, we reach the beating heart of Ghent, the Graslei and Korenlei. This medieval harbor is flanked by beautiful historic guild houses. On St. Michael’s Bridge, you will enjoy an enchanting view of Ghent’s three towers.

You can combine this tour with a tasting of the most exquisite chocolate chocolates Ghent has to offer.

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    Ghent, a jewel in Belgium, where ancient architecture and modern lifestyle merge along winding canals. Medieval buildings reflect in the water, while lively markets and artsy cafes enrich city life. A city where history breathes in every stone, yet warmly embraces the present. Here visitors will find perfect harmony between the past and the future, captured in every cozy corner and bustling square. Ghent, an unforgettable treasure, waiting to be discovered.