what was on the medieval plate?

Capacity: 1-20 participants
Duration: 2h

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Around 1300, Ghent is bursting at the seams. Ghent cloth was sought after throughout the world known at the time, so the textile industry boomed. As a result, Ghent was at that time the largest city north of the Alps after Paris!

Feeding 60,000 mouths was no easy task. Who arranged all that? A huge challenge for medieval people.

Maybe you’re getting a little curious by now?

Then take a walk with us along the River Lys! We will leave at the “Verlorenkostbrug” and along the way we will give you an insight into the plate of the poor, the plate of the rich and the plate of the monk. What did they eat, what quantities? What were they drinking? Where did all that food come from?

Our guide will tell you all about it!

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