Patershol and Prinsenhof

Patershol is located in the shade of the Castle of the Counts. This picturesque district was linked to that medieval fortress for centuries. The Plotersgracht, the vital canal around which life evolved, has disappeared, but the houses still breathe the history of this quarter. Tanners, monks, magistrates and goldsmiths once lived here. With the rise of the industry, the neighbourhood fell into decline and sank into a deep sleep. For several decades now, this oasis of tranquility in the middle of the city has been extremely attractive and trendy.
We also visit Prinsenhof, that beautiful part of Ghent where Charles V was born. The counts of Flanders favoured this residence over the chilly Castle of the Counts. On our way we meet a silent noose bearer. Oh well, where does that name come from?


Noose Bearer

Huis van Alijn

House of Alijn



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