Charles V - bogeyman or hero?

Capacity: 1-20 participants
Duration: 2h

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Ghent, quirky city, city of the noose-bearers. How did they get that name anyway? Do you finally want to know the ins and outs? You can!

A trip through the center to the Graslei, the Lieve and the Prinsenhof will give you an insight into Ghent’s nickname.

Charles V, born on Feb. 24, 1500 at the Prinsenhof in Ghent, is still on everybody’s tongue! Some consider him a dictator, others think he is a protector of his beloved Ghent. In 1540, he imposed an incredibly severe punishment on the unruly people of Ghent. After all, they were not willing to pay taxes to sponsor his wars. Voilà.

Want to decide for yourself whether Charles V is a bogeyman or a hero for you? Then join us on a quest through Ghent and put on the noose that fits you!

This walk exists in variations: for adults and children together, adults only and also for school groups.

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